By Adira Royal

During Transformation there are times you must apologize to God, whoever you offended unknowingly or knowingly and yourself. Strange as it may seem I must say I do what I do to help others but sometimes your help is offensive to others. People take your kindness as a kick in the gut or perhaps as a direct attack on them. Nevertheless, I do not know who I hurt, disgraced, offended or wounded in some way but I sincerely apologize. All I ever tried to do was show love. As weird or painful to others as my expression may be.

Sincerely to the Universal Forces

Now I am not apologizing for showing love only for my offensive expression that may have wounded you. Oooooh are there many… Things such as sending provocative photos, or videos to loved ones and they were shown. Or sharing private information about things or people in my life without their permission. Yes, I have offended people and the God of the Universe. Now as it remains life may never return to the way it has been for me. That is something that goes with the territory. However, knowing that I am not heartless but sensitive to the fact that others pain is important. Although, my story needs to be told and you may be a part of that story because of the way the influences has shaped my life. There is no reason to hurt people as I also acknowledge the fact when in pain sometimes pain is inflicted on those who we least expect.

Pain of Growing

The Pandemic was painful but a blessing. The scam was painful but it taught me to be careful, be more aware and not as trusting when it comes to my money. No more online dating for me maybe not at all for a while. During this time it has become evident that I am a curious, risky, enjoy adventures and keep myself locked up for fear of the unknown. Where the heck did I learn that behavior?

Not the Pandemics Fault

It doesn’t matter where I gleaned this behavior. What matters is changing it and learning how to navigate through life “Living” not existing. Time is teaching me the value of every interaction, rejection, loss, mess up, moment of peace and even confusion. What is this lesson here to teach me? I hear all the time forget your past, and move on. Do we ever truly forget the past what are the magnificent story tellers, all genres of music, rappers, screen writers, orators, play writers, transformational or motivational speakers, preachers and teachers where is the platform created? What is the basis of why they speak of look where I come from if they forgot their past. There is a short story, a memoir, a documentary, movie, video, music or song…

So I digress my lovelies to expression of Love. No matter what happens in this life I try to remember the good times. Make new memories, appreciate what I have while creating what I look forward to in the future. It is not always easy but it is not always hard either.

Live in the Moment

The past is history that ultimate becomes a guide, lesson, or a coach for someone to live by. A good example is the Bible, history books, chemistry books, encyclopedia, the dictionary all past experiences or knowledge that help us create what we know as our present and future. Children are creations from our past full of potential for the future. Although they are not replicas of their parents there are strong attributes of both parents in them.

Some of our children deserve apologies for who we decided to procreate with but thats another blog post…. Nevertheless, You deserve the best of what life has to offer in this life and it is my prayer that it comes to you all.

Handling Detours

By Adira Royal

In January 2022, I created a plan to eliminate debt, while working toward a new idea. My goals were in writing, objectives clear and concise. Strategy clear enough to move forward at least I thought. After breaking my leg 2019 then having surgery. The plan was to wait until it healed to see if anything else needed to be done.

Detours are Essential

A call came at the end of January 2022 saying I have been approved for my second surgery removal of hardware. All of this came at a time when the plan was in motion. Lost my second job after being out for a month. In my 20’s and 30’s my thought process when there were problems is only set up to believe prayer will fix it and wait and be of good courage. Now a young woman it occured to me maybe you need some help with this plan. Pay attention to opportunities or listen for direction during this time of detour.

Detour by definition

(noun) a long or roundabout route that is taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way. (Dictionary)


I heard it said by a wise man, sometimes God takes you the long way around to work in you somethings and to get somethings out of you. Just like a Potter with the clay on the wheel. My journey has been a series of ups, downs, ins and outs. Nevertheless, it all is for development and growth. The children are now & the future letting them know that life will take you off track. Be not discouraged there is clarity ahead.


By Adira Royal

Okay this may be a bit controversial because everyone has a positive and perhaps some negative when it comes to conversations about the church community. Nevertheless, church from the beginning was designed as a place of worship, community, for families, a place to learn about the principles of love, suffering, patience, prayer, endurance, communication and emotional regulation.

Well at least that is what I have gathered from my personal experiences, studying and reading my bible. All kinds of scenarios happened in the bible if it exist today it is in the bible. Honestly, however, the depiction of what the church means to individuals, groups, cultures, and the entire world

Chosen Vessels Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation

1 Corinthians 6:19 (KJV) What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

There is a lot to be said about the body of believers called the church. Now the important factor for todays generation is balance, reciprocation, relationships, building a legacy but also foundational roots. Health has be come a major part of the body ensuring the members know the resources offered to them, life insurance. If a person has no family members building a network of support for the person or others that also have that need. The dynamics of church has evolved. The building is a meeting place but the lives have become more important, relationships. and beyond color, physicality, status, academia and gender.

Love thy neighbor as yourself

Love is the principle thing. I was listening to a video by Warren Buffet he said, “You need to have a desire day in and day out to delight the customer.” What does this mean not people pleasing. However, to deliver your service, product with the highest quality, integrity and with joy in a way that customer will want to come back for more…When Consider restaurants, with great reviews or an author, television shows, artist, business owners, prestigious establishments and more there is a successful strategy a method to success. Yes, even religious services quality does matter because everyone is looking for something.

Listening to him I thought that this is the key for individuals even as an spiritual being. We are people the sheep in green pastures. Even if you are a goat you deserve to be fed or a bull or cow. Smiling graciously, we are not animals. This is so true when life happens to one it happens to us all in some way shape or form. One thing that I pray reaonates in the lives of humanity is you can win more from a place of providing what is in demand than what repulses people. I love hugs, and kisses but everyone is not me. If a person says I am not a hugger they will get a handshake, smile or a wave. What is the need of the day if there is hate add more hate, if there is poverty take more from them or give them the tools to build a community, farms and create resources?

Value the Time

By Adira Royal

So my father had a birthday March 17th 2022. Dad decides to request that all his children come to church on Sunday morning the week of his birthday. Different thoughts began to enter my mind for various reasons. Both of my daughters agreed to attend. My son told me if my sister attends I have to go. I said I will go Sunday. My other siblings were asked to attend as well but my eldest sister already attends this church, my eldest brother attends another church down the street. My younger brother and younger sister could not come because of other reasons. It was for my father to make his heart glad.

The Message ” The Mind”

My daughter, grandson and I got to church at 10:30 a.m. The service began at 10:00 a.m. The feelings that emerge were happiness, apprehension and appreciation as we walked toward the glass doors to the church. While still practicing social distancing the Bishop was in the pulpit. In all honesty thoughts of what church truly means to me came to my mind. What is the real reason I came to church is it for worship, fellowship, to become a part of something that educated me? I grew up in church, my parents, god parents always impressed upon us the great commission of Christ. Do right, live right, love right, and stay right.

Time is Winding Up

Songs were sung in service about time is winding up. How to fear the lord and shun the very appearance of evil. Now as an adult I see the message of love, living on purpose, identity would served me better, some self defense classes and how to manage emotions after trauma. As a child taught in the right way.

Church is a community that share the same belief systems to a degree. There are roles certain people work towards, some study for titles, positions to get the opportunity to preach, teach, evangelize or feel as though they are close to God because they are in the building. felt good to be in the building, to hear a thoughtful message about “The Mind”.

The thought that reverberates , ” The Mind” part of my journey is knowing the mind is where the heart is and the heart is governed by our thoughts. I recall the scripture and I am not professing being a preacher, Evangelist or sunday school teacher. The scripture says in Luke 6:45
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh

If it is in Me it will Show

I was taught to believe that there is good i all of us. As I also believe all are capable of having negative or bad reactions. Life will happen to all, however, what will we do with what life brings. I laugh because relationships when they would end for what ever reason in my youth I would cry for days. Now I ask what was this sent to teach me? I also understand that the In what way can this be added to my arsenal to be a Better Me? More of who I am supposed to be. While keeping in mind God is a spirit and they that worship must worship in spirit and Truth…

Value Time

Time is precious spending quality time is important with those you love is important. Valuable bridges thay brought you over and enable you to Stand Strong when it seems its over. Gospel artist Maurette Brown Clark sang a song ” It Ain’t Over until God says It’s Over”. Enjoyed my family and seeing their smiling faces hearing the laughs and stories. Hearing what everyones life has been like through the pandemic but also seeing we made it through…

Being A Bridge is a Part of Foundation

By Adira Royal

Finally, the month of ” MARCH” as I look at my surroundings as the snow flows like rain from the sky. I know that things never stay the same. Things like weather, mankind, construction, land, size, capacity and life.

Although there have been days when it was warm outside you cannot get too comfortable because it is usually Spring time. All that I have known since childhood has redesigned itself. As it should which brings me to a question. What has changed in the last 5 years for me?

Growing Forward

This is when I begin to look at photos old photos to reminisce. Hair styles, outfits and styles of shoes that no longer work for me while growing forward. Textures, hues, foods and more that I love somehow no longer appeal to me. My hair would feather like I could not believe then poof up under humidity. I Loved dressing up, certain outfits were so vivid and brought luster to my complexion. Now those outfits are outdated, don’t fit or compliment my contours. That is a part of the bridge to where I want to go.

Although everything can be recycled or transformed depending on material or interpretation of style. Watching the different artist it inspires to do something that celebrates where you have been, who you are and where you are going. Yesssssss……Nothing to lose the old has passed while the Next awaits. UPGRADE….

Unlocking the “YOU” the foundation has already been laid. Like a Bridge that is built it takes plans, measurments, the right materials, the land must be surveyed, and it takes time. How to build upon what you already have experienced. At times life circumstances may challenge yiu but when talking to those from my era or the generation before brings me back to that time. While never forgetting moving forward with time the design, body chemistry and hopefully personality has advanced. Not old but quality and even better hopefully in quantity in terms of replication of good content.

Beauty and Strength

A bridge used for many driving forward but also to return to a destination. They allow passage for boats through the waterway while being admired as picturesque. Another function may be a bridge serves as to lift up to a higher level to take you over. The view from a bridge is very different then on a main road. Although, you have have the ability to view the landscape from both places. A bridge has a majestic way of exentuating the view while giving more to soak up.

Today I was wondering How to Exenuate the positives and embrace the negatives because without one I would not appreciate the other. My past had beautiful moments of love, sometimes confused, feelings of abandonment, even full of a expectation and admiration. However many moments of depression and melancholy. Nevertheless, those times have passed to teach me to value the time, moments, people, places and things as I go over the Bridge of life.

The foundation that brought me here is behind me but also with me. My mothers words sometimes come out of me or my fathers smile, the values, even my style came feom some where and will always be a part of the fiber of who I am. Those Sunday school lessons, the timbrel lessons, competions, the sports practices, outings and the words will remain. Yet I “Grow Forward to discover the New and beautiful bridge I am to be. It is a Great Journey and I embrace the spirit and all its splendor. Goodness, and grace not always easy but I embrace it as I Grow Forward.. How have you been a Bridge for someone or contributed to something to make it Beautiful and strong enough to bring someone else over.


By Adira Royal

Lately, it has been more and more difficult to find time to do what I love. Perhaps the reason is that I have taken on responsibilities that were not planned. In spaces like this I feel the need to reconfigure.

What does that mean?;

Re·con·fig·u·ra·tion/ˌrēkənˌfiɡyəˈrāSHən/nounthe arrangement of parts or elements in a different form, figure, or combination.”software reconfiguration”

Simplest Form

Remember the Rubix Cube we sat for hours or minutes even days trying to figure out the best way to get the same color on each side. If one way did not work you try numerous other ways. Understanding, patience and focus now understanding what has been happening lately I am grateful. Yes, it has been a chance to see what I have been trying to achieve most of my life was not mine.

New Path

Undoing of the old, setting forth on a New Path. A Path that has been increasingly vital to who you are and who you are to become. It is so interesting that shift and changes have happened for the better in many cases. After finding out the dream and is so close then seeing what happens when you alter your thoughts about it or talk negatively about it. The scenary becomes clearer. Almost like a new thought replaces it. Nothing in my mind is more real to me today than “God in you the Hope of glory. “

As a Man Thinketh

As a mom, working woman, a wife, a sister, aunt, single woman or friend there are many moments of change. .more than three dimensional when you put on many hats. The question is how many of these hats contribute to your destiny? Is what I am doing genuinely included in the design for the specific path I am to take. I agree that it is. However, there are many moments of refining and there are times where purity, clarity and individuality will not come from where you have been. It contributes to it but does not mean you will remain there to get to where you need to go.


Once I recall places of old, evaluate where I am now it is true that the only person standing in the way of where you are and where you are going is you. No one can make you do anything? There is a time when you must reconfigure, revisit internally, externally where you came from and where you are going. Throw out some old thoughts, ideology and belief systems. That does not always entail physically revisiting. Understanding, the innerworkings of who you are at your core determines where your path will lead. Even when no one else believes in you or your dream. Reconfiguring may entail moving pieces around, or getting assistance trying something “New”.

Transformation takes Time

Wow, this part of my journey reveals that everyone gets to where they need to be at different times. What is important is not to give up even when you are inner conflict, hurt, rejected, healing, preparing, in a place of stratigizing or learning the joy of walking on your own to find Balance, Love, inner peace and live a Full Life.. You know when a particular part has passed on. You honestly do. Channel the energy aim and shoot. Life is truly a lifelong discovery and when you are willing to defy the odds anything can happen…. Oh yes it will….What goals, plans did you have to Reconfigure?

Check your Friends Zone

By Adira Royal

Wonderful memories resurface when thinking about the past relationships and friendships. Times spent traveling to different states, and conversing about topics of common interest. Taking care of each other, baby sitting each others children and defending each other when necessary. There also was confrontation to bring things to light to help heal or refine sometimes.

Men & Women bring Value

The difference in perspective, imagary, ideals and outcomes couldn’t be more diversified from men and women. It never satisfied me just to have family as friends because they were obligated to love me. The family is obligated at times to listen but friendship bonds share different textures or content. Not saying you cannot be friends with family. However, the position requires a different set of skills that become difficult to maintain. My love for my family is forever but I do not consider my sisters or brothers as friends. Nor aunts, uncles, cousins they are family who we show up for or they show up for us.

Friendship is built over time along side trust. Although it may not be simultaneous, in terms of growth one effects the other. How exciting to go out with girlfriends, support each other during crucial times of our lives. Somehow, I forfeited this experience after ominous bouts with unfavorable relational circumstances. Eventually,

the distancing of the girls began to happen, I would receive no return phone calls, and less and less invites to outings. Then it “HIT ME” you are out of the Girls Club. Yep, OUT but it is my fault the struggle with committment, late understanding that women are different and experiences, geography and social support help shape you as an individual. ” Now What do I Do?” “LEARN TO BE MY OWN FRIEND”.

After Club Termination

The key to this occurrence is not to weep, feel bad, become bitter or hate anyone. Telling the truth that this Sabotage all came from me. If I took a little to get a Good look the outcome is a byproduct of behavior. The Key Stakeholder… ” ME” who did I become at the risk of loosing people in my life. A hard pill to Swallow but I can accept that my faults and lack of healing lead to this tragic subtraction of friends associates and distance from programs.. How do I learn from the fowl fragrance I was sending off? Yes, it hurt people when I am hurting.


Being a “Church Girl” it is so typical to float through while no one really pays attention. It would have been easy to blame Church, my parents, lack of affection and school experiences. This way it takes the heat off of you as an individual. Truth is there were problems way before. I needed couseling but hiding never heals anything. Secrets covered, nothing was healed so it fermented. What once lay a dormant secret became fights; then chasing boyfriends away both nice and bad boys. The bad boys would stay for fun I thought… in total I had 5 good girl friends in my youth, 4 in my adult hood now none in my mid 40’s.


Layed on the puffy couch, meditating and talk therapy. Joined a support group to help heal. I attended it was an avid part of my life style. Church, became an active part of my Recovery, piece of my anxiety and eventually Healing. Someone elses healing as well in the process in small groups or Sunday School.

Actually, this became a part of the therapeutic process somewhat more than my own therapy. However, there came a time I had to be alone with my new friend ” ME” face some real truths, do some forgiving and understand my personality. Negativity, is a sign of pain unheard anguish & anxiety and more. However nothing that cannot be healed in time. After acknowledging the Root of the problem. Then doing the work.


Now it is more important to be the Change I want to see. No matter who thinks what they think and or why? The greatest gift to a friend is Authenticity… How can you give to others what you have not surrendered to yourself.

Taking time to watch how I navigate through life. Interact with people, committment I have to others. Sometimes moving on is the best way to learn how to Be your Best at being You… It is not running. It is Walking toward a new Frontier without being Controlled by old thoughts, behaviour & judgement.

Good for Consumption

By Adira Royal

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie. However, a fascinating books that has the capability to captivate. Scenes to persuade you to take a walk with that author. In the depths of what I call quarries or valleys, mountains, hills or sullen spaces of the personality the rough terrains of the heart. A mental spool of intellectually arousing script that holds your attention until the very end. It is like going to an exquisite restaurant viewing the menu and getting excied about the variety not knowing the content. Once you make a choice to decide to use your pallete to travel to where your pallette has gone before it begins the adventure.

The kind of experience that leaves a hyrogliyphic impression in your mind, soul & spirit. Your enlightened and hungry for more. It is like good food made by a creative genius. After that initial taste you will never see or eat that dish the same way again.


Adventure to New Foods

These are some foods I introduced into my diet that I had never eaten before. Foods that were always here but not common to me. Avocados, Salmon, Asparagus, Dragon Fruit, Spaghetti Squash, green zucchini and yellow squash, Dragon fruit and vegetables Egg Foo young. This is a year what I love must be re-inevented.



Advocados aren’t just a party staple; they’re also loaded with healthy thyroid nutrients. Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fat and antioxidants, which our thyroids need to keep up with the rest of our bodies. (They also happen to be delicious.) Whip up quacamole for dinner.

Yes it is a small green vegetable that has excellent nutritional value.


With just 8 simple ingredients you can make one of the all-time-best dip recipes.

  • Avocados: I’ve got a few tips for picking ripe ones below.
  • Onion: I’m using yellow onion which is most often used in Mexico, but you could use red onion as well.
  • Tomatoes: Choose Roma tomatoes which are less juicy. No one wants a watery guac.
  • Cilantro: One of my favorite herbs and a staple in Mexican cuisine.
  • Jalapeno: You can also use serrano pepper for a little extra heat.
  • Garlic: Some people like their guac with garlic, others like it without. I love just a little.
  • Lime: Freshly squeezed is a must. Don’t use jarred lime juice!
  • Salt: A pinch of salt brings it all together.


The best guacamole starts with the freshest ingredients. Look for avocados that are ripe, but firm. You definitely don’t want soft and mushy avocados.

Blackened Salmon


This is a list that features the easy ingredients that are in this blackened salmon recipe! For a list of the full measurements, be sure to scroll down to the recipe card.

  • Salt– Kosher sea salt is a great salt to use because it has a clean flavor that is healthier than traditional table salt. There are different kinds of healthy sea salts, too.
  • Pepper– Black pepper adds perfect flavor to this salmon and tastes even more delicious when it is freshly cracked.
  • Onion Powder– Ground onion powder is responsible for a lot of the flavor in this recipe in addition to the other seasonings. Onion powder is great for seasoning savory dishes.
  • Garlic Powder– Savory and aromatic garlic powder gives this salmon a hint of garlic flavor that tastes delicious with the onion powder.
  • Oregano– Earthy and flavorful oregano gives this salmon a fresh flavor that is robust and stands out.
  • Smoked Paprika– Smoked paprika is a bold spice that delivers a lot of flavor to the recipes it is used in. Smoked paprika is a little different than regular paprika, though, so be wary of that.
  • Olive Oil– Silky smooth olive oil is our preferred oil because it has a nice flavor, but any kind of cooking oil will work for the salmon.
  • Salmon Fillets– Fresh, five-ounce salmon fillets are cooked until perfectly tender and filled with juicy savory flavors. We like to use skinless.
  • Limes– Two limes are used for this recipe to make sure to have those ready to use.

The taste is AMAZING and it was an eye opener that the Salmon was not “fishy”. Smelling or tasting.


Another helpful Tasty food to add for a staple and helps as a heathy option. Eggs. One dish I loved after having it once is Crustless Quiche.


  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 1 package (10 ounces) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well drained
  • 2/3 cup finely chopped fully cooked ham
  • 5 large eggs
  • 3 cups shredded Muenster or Monterey Jack cheese
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper

This recipe is highly recommended and can take 25 minutes for preparation and 40 minutes to bake.

These are some new foods I have tried just to name a few. Focusing on the healing aspect of consumption. Our bodies, minds, soul and spirit are influenced tremendously by the words we consume, food, beliefs, socialization and values we create.

Comment below and let me know what new foods you have tried?

The Wild Things

By Adira Royal


It is story time A part of healing is identifying what does not have healing qualities. It has been a proven fact that over indulgence of particular food, minerals can harm your body. There another known fact too much overeating, sex, alchohol, or self indulgence can harm you. Okay, I am sure there are studies that go against these studies. Nevertheless, I understand my Wild Thang that makes my heart Sang, is Good Food, Invigorating, Inspiring, great company and Helping others.

Six years ago I had undergone a complete thyroidectomy at age forty. My thyroid was removed after being diagnosed a year before with hypothyroidism. The physician looked at my throat to say there is increased swelling in your neck. After completing an ultrasound and biopsy it was discovered that I had six nodules the size of golf balls on my thyroid. For information sake the thyroid is a small butterfly gland located on your throat that systematically distributes hormones that help every living part of your body. Blood, brain, intestines, eyes, nerves, muscles, joints and yes even your heart is impacted by this gland.

When I develop nodules on my thyroid they continued to grow and multiply. Causing a growth inside my throat that looks like the Wild thing below….the nodules impacted my airway and my esophagus causing acid reflux and inconsistencies in my breathing. It was like something was taking over my body without permission.

Neck taking on a life of its Own

Hypothyroidism caused me to gain excessive weight within a short amount of time. The night sweats and brain fog coupled with an insatiable sex drive. Okay, maybe tge sex drive was there already. It did cause some serious concerns. In my life before this condition I had never experienced the feeling like needles were stuck in my throat which would make me cough. My hormones were out of control. This resulted in excessive crying at random, then mood swings and depression unannounced. My friend brought it to my attention that I needed to seek medical attention. After seeing the enlarged protruding thyroid area of my throat.

Immediately, I asked the physician,”What does this mean?” I didn’t even know what a thyroid was, let alone the consequences of having nodules develop on it. The doctor said, you will have to have it removed. At the time I was devastated, my mind began thinking of all the “negative” worse case scenaros “yes” Can I die? What does this mean for my quality of life? My babies need me? Will I want sex anymore? Amazing that I was thinking about that above other things, Right? Ohhhhhhhhh, will this change my level of happiness, fulllfillment of enjoyment? Should I go to therapy because it sounds like this little organ means a big deal to the rest of my life? Then I asked the doctor, I sing will this effect my ability to sing?

Then this man said to me, I get choked when I think of how he said it. ” You will never sing again.” After surgery it will lower the tone of your voice significantly. My first thoughts ” so you are taking away my Happy Place and leaving me with a tone like a Dude?” No. way Dr…. I left with no intentions to return to that office and then he had a nerve to have a name like Dr. SUGAR…There was nothing sweet about this visit. I cried alot, which did not help my condition. Ok maybe it seemed more catastrophic to me than it was but I didn’t know what to do?

The next time I returned to an Endocrinologist was a year later after having trouble breathing. Forgetting alot, more acid reflux and having dizzy spells. This time I found a new doctor who said the exact same thing after an endoscopy. He proceeded at our 1st appointment to place a long tube through my nose and that went through my esophagus into my stomach. Disgusting and mind you they spray numbing medicine down my throat. As a result two more nodules had grown This meant eight and now surgery was scheduled.

This condition contributes to irractic outburst of emotion. At the time I considered myself very passionate about people, places and things I loved but it was overboard. Like exentuated by lets give it a seven. After researching a bit this condition is not uncommon in African American women. Surprisingly, no one else in my family has this condition. If I knew perhaps I would have waited for surgery to see if I could have done some work with my diet, coupled with therapy and other natural medicinal resources. Everything happens for a purpose and a reason.


After surgery the anesthesiologist said, that when I woke up I had a huge smile on my face. All I could do is shake or nod my head. The pain on a scale of one to ten was maybe about an seven. There were strict eating restrictions and I could not eat solid food for a while. Although I craved ice cream, nachos, my favorite dishes feom Puerto Vallarta the truth is the “Wild Thang, The Ferocious Man Eater” was humbled by this surgery. Life as I Knew it changed me without my permission. At this heightened awareness of my health, what I place into my body and what I feed my mind contributes to the lifestyle I live and my contribution.

Now everything did not change right away. It has been a process of trial and era. Talking to different nutritionist, meeting with personal trainers and understanding my limitations and expectations. It is better today but better days are coming. I am Grateful for this season and the Journey forward. Since then I have met several people who had there thyroid removed or are on the medication management for life. Life did not ” Stop” we learn to navigate and use it as a learning experience someway somehow. Nevertheless, it amazes me how we all have ” Wild Thangs who make our Hearts Sang” who make everything Groovy.

Oh by the way, I did not stop singing 🎶. My voice did not go Baritone.. Okay, I may have went from soprano to Alto but alto was always my place of comfort. Now, it has been a huge part trying to rediscover my body, what she needs to thrive, what is not goid for her and how to protect her the best way I can. THE WILD THANG IS STILL IN HERE… 🔥 She is under new management….I Love to Love and willing to Transform….

Is What I am Eating Healing Me

By Adira Royal

Next chapter of this journey will primarily concentrate on ” What I am consuming”. Thinking about how I am feeding my intellect, my body, my spirit and my emotions. Determines how I think, feel and operate in life. We will examine the food used as fuel the way it is prepared and how it plays into my emotions, perfomance, and mental health.

Feed Yourself Good things

If you are like me you grew up with amusement parks, friends, carnivals, festivals and more. Cotton candy, candy apples, donuts, fried dough, loaded french fries, nachos, pizza, roasted sausage with onions and peppers. Steak and cheese sandwiches. Chocolate covered or smothered eitger way you came away full and lethargic. But we walked alot at these places as well. Present day many individuals are health conscience. There are medical, psychological and genetic reasons there are many reasons health & wellness have become major priority.

To Fuel or not to Fuel

It is with all seriousness and that beginning this week I concentrate on what I place in my mouth. Scheduling meal time as I get my body back on track. This will require Commitment, Dedication and Support. Education about your body specifically not based only on others results. Taking into account my relationship with food.

Photo by Geraud pfeiffer on Pexels.com

This week is an evaluation of what I am putting into my physical person. Food & drink is necessary to life but how is it serving me is the high light? In order to arrive and help heal myself I must be intentional about what I place in my mouth. Sometimes I begin with the intention of going hard 100%. Then I get a cheat day only to forget whay I promised myself.

Honestly, as excited as I am there is also a part of me that knows we been in this ” Rodeo” many times before..However, it means so much to me to Conquer this battle. Food has positive characteristics, it provides energy, healing properties, regulates emotions & metabolism as well as brings people together.

What is my “WHY” it is Happiness, mental health, community, Grandbabies and my future. Honestly, it is fun running up and down stairs, being at the beach or park chasing the grandkids. Making cooking and eating healthy yet fun… If anyone has recipes or information I could utilize it is welcome.

Accepting Change

By Adira Royal

Here are some things you already know. I will say them as a REPLAY!!

Be the Change you want to See

1. You are born into the world for a purpose and a reason.

2. The upbringing you had was designed to create a canvas for you not a prison. Even if it seems thst your in a prison paint your best portrait.

3. All that you glean, go through, encounter, mess up and then get up from is because your are stronger than you think and you destiny is waiting for you.

4. You can change your face, hair, make up, clothes, learn a new language, buy a new home or drive a new car. The real you knows the truth and will show up when you confront you and are ready.

5. Always remember only what you believe will come forth. Example; failing doesn’t mean your a failure it means you have something to work on or figure out. It is a catalyst for success. I thought if I knew this years ago I would have saved myself some tears. However, that is not true this road is designed for me. My mind must be renewed and educated about reality and fiction.

6. People say alot but what matters is what you say and think about yourself. If I say I cannot, I will not. If I say I am ugly yes I will live like that, and if I believe that I have something to offer what I will do is use my gifts to help seize the moment.

7. Whatever age you are be glad to be that age. You have a Chance of a lifetime. You are not old until there is no one left that is older than you. It is a mindset. As a man thinketh so is he/ she including it, we or they. Our minds are powerful…

8. It amazes me how when we let go of the energy to control things. What we need automatically flows in freely. Love, encouragement, money, peace, challenge to assist us in rising to the occasion. Trust and The KNOWING…

9. Les Brown says, ” You have Greatness in You”. Believe It!! Own it and Walk in it. As I say this to you I am saying it to myself.. SHINE…..

10. There is a God and despite everything that same God sustains our lives, orders our steps and secures our future. Death is a part of life but the power of Life and death has been given to us in the power of our own tongue. CHANGE is Good it cultivates the dead. Reset your mind it has the ability to wash away dismal and unused aspects of our lives. Examine your thoughts vs feelings. It can bring fresh eyes to a weary situation. There is hope looking at the situation from another angle can give you the answer.

Balance is a skill. Knowing when to say it is ” Time Out time for me”.

Relentless Love

By Adira Royal

Never regret being good to people..

Before I became a mom I had a group of friends. We would go out, support each other. Call each other on the carpet to help, support and heal. We checked in and when one of us checked out the others were right there knocking on the door.

This is where strategies were born. Actively listening, Praying together, when we were upset or angry we di mini intervention usually with an adult peesent. Love expression goes beyond gifts. Being a good listener is a gift that is developed.

Recently, my eldest son says to me. ” Mom for my birthday today. Please, I do not want anything except for you to be “Happy”. Whatever, that means to you thats what I want for my birthday. It shocked me because who knew that was what he was thinking about.

It means alot to think of others, be loving & kind to yourself & to others. Remembering Love comes to us for us to share it. Never give up on loving no mattet what the circumstance. Seeds are for growing and what greater giftbis there than Love.