by Adira Royal

Quiet the pain of missing you.

Laughing and crying seems so dysfunctional but it was our releasing place.

Reminiscing is pleasant yet bitter sweet

Now knowing that God is in control. Everything is working together for our good.

Distances apart while sharing the treasures of each new day. There is a pause in respect of time. A intermission in other words to introduce the next platform for you and I.

Standing aloof in a place of missing what I thought once made me smile. Even when difficulties pressed us the encouragement flowed from the both of us for the both of us. Like soaked sides of warm foam from a bubble bath.

My eyes know no pain that did not turn into stretches of strength. Or pockets of lessons that I may have taken for granted other times but intently this time find my ears open. Mind receptive and heart connectedness to this story.

Photo by Daniel Kux on

Where one thing ends another begins. Never believe all is lost it is wrapped up in a new form. As one age or year passes, swiftly another moves into position. Season gradually cease then the next season emerges. As the sun goes down in one place in another part of the world it rises.

Love, time and relationships are gifts that should be valued and embraced. Often when you have an abundance it’s easy to take it for granted. Even though the memories are so sweet. Make the Best of what you have and be Grateful…..

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