BY Adira Royal

Who decides what happens in our lives from day to day? Simplistic choices or the ones we do not choose to decide. There is a goodness that comes with the day in rain, sleet, snow or bright sunshine. Now all of these elenents are necessary, we can all agree each has its own benefit. A settled peace is deep down inside of me today because I am breathing on my own, my “Grand Rising (Iyanla Vanzant) is Grand indeed. Taking note that someone elses morning may not be grand my prayer is that each individuals purpose manifest and be come clearer.

Oh that thou wouldest bless us indeed and enlarge our coast and that thy hand would be upon us and that thou wouldest keep us from evil. That it may not grieve us. (PRAYER OF JABEZ) for all of us in this life. Healing and health inside outside, in relationship or on our way through a transition out of a relationship. Whatever state we are hopes of light, love, harmony even in the moments we do not understand.


May the entrance of light dispell dark moments. May we see the tapestry of the inner working of the need for love, unity, as we open the gateway to emotional balance. On this good day may the cavities of our heart where darkness resides be eluminated through the abundance of kindness, generosity, our acts of love and crush the elusive strength of the dark. Light has consuming power that goes beyond dark words, or actions…….Healing happens when mind, body,soul & spirit accepts reparations of a Transformative life style.


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