By Adira Royal

Okay this may be a bit controversial because everyone has a positive and perhaps some negative when it comes to conversations about the church community. Nevertheless, church from the beginning was designed as a place of worship, community, for families, a place to learn about the principles of love, suffering, patience, prayer, endurance, communication and emotional regulation.

Well at least that is what I have gathered from my personal experiences, studying and reading my bible. All kinds of scenarios happened in the bible if it exist today it is in the bible. Honestly, however, the depiction of what the church means to individuals, groups, cultures, and the entire world

Chosen Vessels Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation

1 Corinthians 6:19 (KJV) What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

There is a lot to be said about the body of believers called the church. Now the important factor for todays generation is balance, reciprocation, relationships, building a legacy but also foundational roots. Health has be come a major part of the body ensuring the members know the resources offered to them, life insurance. If a person has no family members building a network of support for the person or others that also have that need. The dynamics of church has evolved. The building is a meeting place but the lives have become more important, relationships. and beyond color, physicality, status, academia and gender.

Love thy neighbor as yourself

Love is the principle thing. I was listening to a video by Warren Buffet he said, “You need to have a desire day in and day out to delight the customer.” What does this mean not people pleasing. However, to deliver your service, product with the highest quality, integrity and with joy in a way that customer will want to come back for more…When Consider restaurants, with great reviews or an author, television shows, artist, business owners, prestigious establishments and more there is a successful strategy a method to success. Yes, even religious services quality does matter because everyone is looking for something.

Listening to him I thought that this is the key for individuals even as an spiritual being. We are people the sheep in green pastures. Even if you are a goat you deserve to be fed or a bull or cow. Smiling graciously, we are not animals. This is so true when life happens to one it happens to us all in some way shape or form. One thing that I pray reaonates in the lives of humanity is you can win more from a place of providing what is in demand than what repulses people. I love hugs, and kisses but everyone is not me. If a person says I am not a hugger they will get a handshake, smile or a wave. What is the need of the day if there is hate add more hate, if there is poverty take more from them or give them the tools to build a community, farms and create resources?

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