Value the Time

By Adira Royal

So my father had a birthday March 17th 2022. Dad decides to request that all his children come to church on Sunday morning the week of his birthday. Different thoughts began to enter my mind for various reasons. Both of my daughters agreed to attend. My son told me if my sister attends I have to go. I said I will go Sunday. My other siblings were asked to attend as well but my eldest sister already attends this church, my eldest brother attends another church down the street. My younger brother and younger sister could not come because of other reasons. It was for my father to make his heart glad.

The Message ” The Mind”

My daughter, grandson and I got to church at 10:30 a.m. The service began at 10:00 a.m. The feelings that emerge were happiness, apprehension and appreciation as we walked toward the glass doors to the church. While still practicing social distancing the Bishop was in the pulpit. In all honesty thoughts of what church truly means to me came to my mind. What is the real reason I came to church is it for worship, fellowship, to become a part of something that educated me? I grew up in church, my parents, god parents always impressed upon us the great commission of Christ. Do right, live right, love right, and stay right.

Time is Winding Up

Songs were sung in service about time is winding up. How to fear the lord and shun the very appearance of evil. Now as an adult I see the message of love, living on purpose, identity would served me better, some self defense classes and how to manage emotions after trauma. As a child taught in the right way.

Church is a community that share the same belief systems to a degree. There are roles certain people work towards, some study for titles, positions to get the opportunity to preach, teach, evangelize or feel as though they are close to God because they are in the building. felt good to be in the building, to hear a thoughtful message about “The Mind”.

The thought that reverberates , ” The Mind” part of my journey is knowing the mind is where the heart is and the heart is governed by our thoughts. I recall the scripture and I am not professing being a preacher, Evangelist or sunday school teacher. The scripture says in Luke 6:45
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh

If it is in Me it will Show

I was taught to believe that there is good i all of us. As I also believe all are capable of having negative or bad reactions. Life will happen to all, however, what will we do with what life brings. I laugh because relationships when they would end for what ever reason in my youth I would cry for days. Now I ask what was this sent to teach me? I also understand that the In what way can this be added to my arsenal to be a Better Me? More of who I am supposed to be. While keeping in mind God is a spirit and they that worship must worship in spirit and Truth…

Value Time

Time is precious spending quality time is important with those you love is important. Valuable bridges thay brought you over and enable you to Stand Strong when it seems its over. Gospel artist Maurette Brown Clark sang a song ” It Ain’t Over until God says It’s Over”. Enjoyed my family and seeing their smiling faces hearing the laughs and stories. Hearing what everyones life has been like through the pandemic but also seeing we made it through…

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