Treasure in the Trenches

By Adira Royal

I Love watching Movies because regardless if it is a “Runaway Bride, or The Adam Project or maybe even one of the EQUALIZER.” I get myself prepared for the best. I am captivated by the graphics, suspense of opening music during the climax, or the interactions between characters. The lingering method of drawing you in, leading you through thick plot points or very emotional moments in time then leave you wondering whats next. Or could it be the characters that offer a personality so mysterious or complex you are on the edge of your seat while your heart beat 100 miles an hour.

Each week it is important to me to read wonderful material as well as find a mind or life altering movie. One that makes you think about something. Although my love is romance and suspense. Every now and then a comedy or horror movie may surface in my genre of views. These kind of movies at times are so on the edge I may not sleep all night.

How awesome would it be to go behind the scenes to see the inner working of what it takes to make a film. Observing the cameras, scenes, props, costume changes, where the movie takes place, the stunts and the stunt doubles. What does it look like to rehearse their lines under pressure of onlookers. The sound of Lights, camera, action…. If they even say that anymore the scent of creative masterpiece in the process of perfection. Wow, wouldn’t it be Loverly.


Thinking about the world of filming brings up the lives of Great producers Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, Spike Lee, Quintin Tarantino, Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry and more. These iconic figures have to pay attention to detail to create the type of content they produce. Treasure comes from deep places most of the time when it is cultivated properly brings a lasting gift to all. Deep within me I have an appreciation for the pioneers who bridged the gap for artist, creators and people of all walks of life.

Dig Deeper

Never forgetting the Treasure is in Trenches. Surface is ok, but the quality of anything movie, memoir, love, documentary, music, ministry is deep down in the trenches. There is a wide gamet hidden in the depth. The story is more than the beginning and the end. Anyone that watches movies intentionally knows things can get very murky before the end. A book has robust analogies, lessons and even comedy but it all presents a conglomorate of wonder, surprise, solidarity and at times complexity. The more you read a good book the more you want to read and digest it. Two amazing worlds with phenomenal creators who have definite set of skills. Who amazingly set indulgent and delectable masterpieces before us to enjoy.


In real life we are complex beings with a wide collection of life experiences and circumstance. One day I am happy sure of my path only to get thrown off by a medical issue, financial debacle or something else. Each move I make I would like to know that it is working for my good. Even when we make wrong choices without complete information indirectly or directly doesn’t matter. Digging deeper within allows me to see my capacity is not as limited as I thought. Understanding some of these choices were predisposed behavior and some I adopted all on my own.

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