Being A Bridge is a Part of Foundation

By Adira Royal

Finally, the month of ” MARCH” as I look at my surroundings as the snow flows like rain from the sky. I know that things never stay the same. Things like weather, mankind, construction, land, size, capacity and life.

Although there have been days when it was warm outside you cannot get too comfortable because it is usually Spring time. All that I have known since childhood has redesigned itself. As it should which brings me to a question. What has changed in the last 5 years for me?

Growing Forward

This is when I begin to look at photos old photos to reminisce. Hair styles, outfits and styles of shoes that no longer work for me while growing forward. Textures, hues, foods and more that I love somehow no longer appeal to me. My hair would feather like I could not believe then poof up under humidity. I Loved dressing up, certain outfits were so vivid and brought luster to my complexion. Now those outfits are outdated, don’t fit or compliment my contours. That is a part of the bridge to where I want to go.

Although everything can be recycled or transformed depending on material or interpretation of style. Watching the different artist it inspires to do something that celebrates where you have been, who you are and where you are going. Yesssssss……Nothing to lose the old has passed while the Next awaits. UPGRADE….

Unlocking the “YOU” the foundation has already been laid. Like a Bridge that is built it takes plans, measurments, the right materials, the land must be surveyed, and it takes time. How to build upon what you already have experienced. At times life circumstances may challenge yiu but when talking to those from my era or the generation before brings me back to that time. While never forgetting moving forward with time the design, body chemistry and hopefully personality has advanced. Not old but quality and even better hopefully in quantity in terms of replication of good content.

Beauty and Strength

A bridge used for many driving forward but also to return to a destination. They allow passage for boats through the waterway while being admired as picturesque. Another function may be a bridge serves as to lift up to a higher level to take you over. The view from a bridge is very different then on a main road. Although, you have have the ability to view the landscape from both places. A bridge has a majestic way of exentuating the view while giving more to soak up.

Today I was wondering How to Exenuate the positives and embrace the negatives because without one I would not appreciate the other. My past had beautiful moments of love, sometimes confused, feelings of abandonment, even full of a expectation and admiration. However many moments of depression and melancholy. Nevertheless, those times have passed to teach me to value the time, moments, people, places and things as I go over the Bridge of life.

The foundation that brought me here is behind me but also with me. My mothers words sometimes come out of me or my fathers smile, the values, even my style came feom some where and will always be a part of the fiber of who I am. Those Sunday school lessons, the timbrel lessons, competions, the sports practices, outings and the words will remain. Yet I “Grow Forward to discover the New and beautiful bridge I am to be. It is a Great Journey and I embrace the spirit and all its splendor. Goodness, and grace not always easy but I embrace it as I Grow Forward.. How have you been a Bridge for someone or contributed to something to make it Beautiful and strong enough to bring someone else over.

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