By Adira Royal

Lately, it has been more and more difficult to find time to do what I love. Perhaps the reason is that I have taken on responsibilities that were not planned. In spaces like this I feel the need to reconfigure.

What does that mean?;

Re·con·fig·u·ra·tion/ˌrēkənˌfiɡyəˈrāSHən/nounthe arrangement of parts or elements in a different form, figure, or combination.”software reconfiguration”

Simplest Form

Remember the Rubix Cube we sat for hours or minutes even days trying to figure out the best way to get the same color on each side. If one way did not work you try numerous other ways. Understanding, patience and focus now understanding what has been happening lately I am grateful. Yes, it has been a chance to see what I have been trying to achieve most of my life was not mine.

New Path

Undoing of the old, setting forth on a New Path. A Path that has been increasingly vital to who you are and who you are to become. It is so interesting that shift and changes have happened for the better in many cases. After finding out the dream and is so close then seeing what happens when you alter your thoughts about it or talk negatively about it. The scenary becomes clearer. Almost like a new thought replaces it. Nothing in my mind is more real to me today than “God in you the Hope of glory. “

As a Man Thinketh

As a mom, working woman, a wife, a sister, aunt, single woman or friend there are many moments of change. .more than three dimensional when you put on many hats. The question is how many of these hats contribute to your destiny? Is what I am doing genuinely included in the design for the specific path I am to take. I agree that it is. However, there are many moments of refining and there are times where purity, clarity and individuality will not come from where you have been. It contributes to it but does not mean you will remain there to get to where you need to go.


Once I recall places of old, evaluate where I am now it is true that the only person standing in the way of where you are and where you are going is you. No one can make you do anything? There is a time when you must reconfigure, revisit internally, externally where you came from and where you are going. Throw out some old thoughts, ideology and belief systems. That does not always entail physically revisiting. Understanding, the innerworkings of who you are at your core determines where your path will lead. Even when no one else believes in you or your dream. Reconfiguring may entail moving pieces around, or getting assistance trying something “New”.

Transformation takes Time

Wow, this part of my journey reveals that everyone gets to where they need to be at different times. What is important is not to give up even when you are inner conflict, hurt, rejected, healing, preparing, in a place of stratigizing or learning the joy of walking on your own to find Balance, Love, inner peace and live a Full Life.. You know when a particular part has passed on. You honestly do. Channel the energy aim and shoot. Life is truly a lifelong discovery and when you are willing to defy the odds anything can happen…. Oh yes it will….What goals, plans did you have to Reconfigure?

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