The Wild Things

By Adira Royal


It is story time A part of healing is identifying what does not have healing qualities. It has been a proven fact that over indulgence of particular food, minerals can harm your body. There another known fact too much overeating, sex, alchohol, or self indulgence can harm you. Okay, I am sure there are studies that go against these studies. Nevertheless, I understand my Wild Thang that makes my heart Sang, is Good Food, Invigorating, Inspiring, great company and Helping others.

Six years ago I had undergone a complete thyroidectomy at age forty. My thyroid was removed after being diagnosed a year before with hypothyroidism. The physician looked at my throat to say there is increased swelling in your neck. After completing an ultrasound and biopsy it was discovered that I had six nodules the size of golf balls on my thyroid. For information sake the thyroid is a small butterfly gland located on your throat that systematically distributes hormones that help every living part of your body. Blood, brain, intestines, eyes, nerves, muscles, joints and yes even your heart is impacted by this gland.

When I develop nodules on my thyroid they continued to grow and multiply. Causing a growth inside my throat that looks like the Wild thing below….the nodules impacted my airway and my esophagus causing acid reflux and inconsistencies in my breathing. It was like something was taking over my body without permission.

Neck taking on a life of its Own

Hypothyroidism caused me to gain excessive weight within a short amount of time. The night sweats and brain fog coupled with an insatiable sex drive. Okay, maybe tge sex drive was there already. It did cause some serious concerns. In my life before this condition I had never experienced the feeling like needles were stuck in my throat which would make me cough. My hormones were out of control. This resulted in excessive crying at random, then mood swings and depression unannounced. My friend brought it to my attention that I needed to seek medical attention. After seeing the enlarged protruding thyroid area of my throat.

Immediately, I asked the physician,”What does this mean?” I didn’t even know what a thyroid was, let alone the consequences of having nodules develop on it. The doctor said, you will have to have it removed. At the time I was devastated, my mind began thinking of all the “negative” worse case scenaros “yes” Can I die? What does this mean for my quality of life? My babies need me? Will I want sex anymore? Amazing that I was thinking about that above other things, Right? Ohhhhhhhhh, will this change my level of happiness, fulllfillment of enjoyment? Should I go to therapy because it sounds like this little organ means a big deal to the rest of my life? Then I asked the doctor, I sing will this effect my ability to sing?

Then this man said to me, I get choked when I think of how he said it. ” You will never sing again.” After surgery it will lower the tone of your voice significantly. My first thoughts ” so you are taking away my Happy Place and leaving me with a tone like a Dude?” No. way Dr…. I left with no intentions to return to that office and then he had a nerve to have a name like Dr. SUGAR…There was nothing sweet about this visit. I cried alot, which did not help my condition. Ok maybe it seemed more catastrophic to me than it was but I didn’t know what to do?

The next time I returned to an Endocrinologist was a year later after having trouble breathing. Forgetting alot, more acid reflux and having dizzy spells. This time I found a new doctor who said the exact same thing after an endoscopy. He proceeded at our 1st appointment to place a long tube through my nose and that went through my esophagus into my stomach. Disgusting and mind you they spray numbing medicine down my throat. As a result two more nodules had grown This meant eight and now surgery was scheduled.

This condition contributes to irractic outburst of emotion. At the time I considered myself very passionate about people, places and things I loved but it was overboard. Like exentuated by lets give it a seven. After researching a bit this condition is not uncommon in African American women. Surprisingly, no one else in my family has this condition. If I knew perhaps I would have waited for surgery to see if I could have done some work with my diet, coupled with therapy and other natural medicinal resources. Everything happens for a purpose and a reason.


After surgery the anesthesiologist said, that when I woke up I had a huge smile on my face. All I could do is shake or nod my head. The pain on a scale of one to ten was maybe about an seven. There were strict eating restrictions and I could not eat solid food for a while. Although I craved ice cream, nachos, my favorite dishes feom Puerto Vallarta the truth is the “Wild Thang, The Ferocious Man Eater” was humbled by this surgery. Life as I Knew it changed me without my permission. At this heightened awareness of my health, what I place into my body and what I feed my mind contributes to the lifestyle I live and my contribution.

Now everything did not change right away. It has been a process of trial and era. Talking to different nutritionist, meeting with personal trainers and understanding my limitations and expectations. It is better today but better days are coming. I am Grateful for this season and the Journey forward. Since then I have met several people who had there thyroid removed or are on the medication management for life. Life did not ” Stop” we learn to navigate and use it as a learning experience someway somehow. Nevertheless, it amazes me how we all have ” Wild Thangs who make our Hearts Sang” who make everything Groovy.

Oh by the way, I did not stop singing 🎶. My voice did not go Baritone.. Okay, I may have went from soprano to Alto but alto was always my place of comfort. Now, it has been a huge part trying to rediscover my body, what she needs to thrive, what is not goid for her and how to protect her the best way I can. THE WILD THANG IS STILL IN HERE… 🔥 She is under new management….I Love to Love and willing to Transform….

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