Is What I am Eating Healing Me

By Adira Royal

Next chapter of this journey will primarily concentrate on ” What I am consuming”. Thinking about how I am feeding my intellect, my body, my spirit and my emotions. Determines how I think, feel and operate in life. We will examine the food used as fuel the way it is prepared and how it plays into my emotions, perfomance, and mental health.

Feed Yourself Good things

If you are like me you grew up with amusement parks, friends, carnivals, festivals and more. Cotton candy, candy apples, donuts, fried dough, loaded french fries, nachos, pizza, roasted sausage with onions and peppers. Steak and cheese sandwiches. Chocolate covered or smothered eitger way you came away full and lethargic. But we walked alot at these places as well. Present day many individuals are health conscience. There are medical, psychological and genetic reasons there are many reasons health & wellness have become major priority.

To Fuel or not to Fuel

It is with all seriousness and that beginning this week I concentrate on what I place in my mouth. Scheduling meal time as I get my body back on track. This will require Commitment, Dedication and Support. Education about your body specifically not based only on others results. Taking into account my relationship with food.

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This week is an evaluation of what I am putting into my physical person. Food & drink is necessary to life but how is it serving me is the high light? In order to arrive and help heal myself I must be intentional about what I place in my mouth. Sometimes I begin with the intention of going hard 100%. Then I get a cheat day only to forget whay I promised myself.

Honestly, as excited as I am there is also a part of me that knows we been in this ” Rodeo” many times before..However, it means so much to me to Conquer this battle. Food has positive characteristics, it provides energy, healing properties, regulates emotions & metabolism as well as brings people together.

What is my “WHY” it is Happiness, mental health, community, Grandbabies and my future. Honestly, it is fun running up and down stairs, being at the beach or park chasing the grandkids. Making cooking and eating healthy yet fun… If anyone has recipes or information I could utilize it is welcome.

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