Fearfully and Wonderfully Made….

By Adira Royal

Think about your childhood sometimes. Reflect on the moments most memorable. Positive & negative aspects that induce a memory and colorful mural of emotion. Thoughts that make you smile maybe laugh of even just sit and meditate.

Eclectic Art

Although thos artwork it appears the color is out of balance and offset. The artistic eye sees full of contours, precision in brush strokes or perhaps as a graphic designing genius. All these colors, are not semetrical lines and shapes that create a masterpiece. In others words yes it may appear confusing, or loud or downright distracting. However, to someone it screams heavenly, psychedelic or heavy.

It is amazing the journey living things grow through before getting to the surface to shine. The deep dark soil where seeds germinate. Water sources, rain or underground. The vitamins and minerals the help to combat the elements, bugs and predators. Aromatherapy produced in the depth of a flower consoles human senses. Sometimws it is so much to take in the odors then colors and the design. Vivid colors, whimsical yet awe inspiring form speaks volumes. Why do we purchase arrangements place them in our homes, yards and hang them around our dwelling spaces?

Beauty is depicted and determined by the creator or observer as eye catching and appealing to the naked eye. A Lily of the Valley is suddle tiny but it gives off a scent that is unforgettable. Although it is not as flamboyant as a Rose, Catalina lily or orchid it has affects that are lasting.

Beautiful by design

Is it to enjoy the mesmerizing besuty they bring? Perhaps to become more grounded in the awareness of the majesty and contribution they bring to our world. Could it be that the life they eminate reminds us of our lives and the cycle we mimic in a greater way? There is a saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

It is important to tKe the time to relish the Beauty in our world and the Beauty in people.


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