Accepting Change

By Adira Royal

Here are some things you already know. I will say them as a REPLAY!!

Be the Change you want to See

1. You are born into the world for a purpose and a reason.

2. The upbringing you had was designed to create a canvas for you not a prison. Even if it seems thst your in a prison paint your best portrait.

3. All that you glean, go through, encounter, mess up and then get up from is because your are stronger than you think and you destiny is waiting for you.

4. You can change your face, hair, make up, clothes, learn a new language, buy a new home or drive a new car. The real you knows the truth and will show up when you confront you and are ready.

5. Always remember only what you believe will come forth. Example; failing doesn’t mean your a failure it means you have something to work on or figure out. It is a catalyst for success. I thought if I knew this years ago I would have saved myself some tears. However, that is not true this road is designed for me. My mind must be renewed and educated about reality and fiction.

6. People say alot but what matters is what you say and think about yourself. If I say I cannot, I will not. If I say I am ugly yes I will live like that, and if I believe that I have something to offer what I will do is use my gifts to help seize the moment.

7. Whatever age you are be glad to be that age. You have a Chance of a lifetime. You are not old until there is no one left that is older than you. It is a mindset. As a man thinketh so is he/ she including it, we or they. Our minds are powerful…

8. It amazes me how when we let go of the energy to control things. What we need automatically flows in freely. Love, encouragement, money, peace, challenge to assist us in rising to the occasion. Trust and The KNOWING…

9. Les Brown says, ” You have Greatness in You”. Believe It!! Own it and Walk in it. As I say this to you I am saying it to myself.. SHINE…..

10. There is a God and despite everything that same God sustains our lives, orders our steps and secures our future. Death is a part of life but the power of Life and death has been given to us in the power of our own tongue. CHANGE is Good it cultivates the dead. Reset your mind it has the ability to wash away dismal and unused aspects of our lives. Examine your thoughts vs feelings. It can bring fresh eyes to a weary situation. There is hope looking at the situation from another angle can give you the answer.

Balance is a skill. Knowing when to say it is ” Time Out time for me”.

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