The Love for Trees

By Adira Royal

It is amazing how many different types of trees there are in the world. Big tall ones, short stout ones, thin ones; and little ones. Some may have branches that span very wide while others stay within a particular range or perimeter. The leaves Ohhhh, they can be luscious full of fruitfulness. Or they may vary in shapes, size and color but no two leaves are identicle. You can tell the trees that have been around the longest by the roots and rings. These ancient & new life provide resources beyond belief our shade from the sun, sap for all kinds of reasons. Paper products, wood beams, furniture,fire wood, and more than we could have imagined were birth from these trees. Some trees purify water and are used as a fortress. We rely on them in so many ways. I cannot imagine what life would be like without trees. The melodious oxygen they give their part in the cycle of our lives.

History is preserved in roots of trees

This reminds me of the Elders in our lives. Planted in special strategic positions with roots that span into history. Those that have been therr, dodge that and have written boiks, memoirs and created music and movies about it. Trees that pour wisdom knowledge on how to navigate through this life to build the best life and find the purpose you have been designed to complete.


It would be a tragedy to spend years on this thriving expansive earth to die without fulfilling our purpose. Trees are created with a path and so is humanity. Trees leave sees, baby trees and some leave flowers. What will you create or help grow to leave a legacy?

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