Relentless Love

By Adira Royal

Never regret being good to people..

Before I became a mom I had a group of friends. We would go out, support each other. Call each other on the carpet to help, support and heal. We checked in and when one of us checked out the others were right there knocking on the door.

This is where strategies were born. Actively listening, Praying together, when we were upset or angry we di mini intervention usually with an adult peesent. Love expression goes beyond gifts. Being a good listener is a gift that is developed.

Recently, my eldest son says to me. ” Mom for my birthday today. Please, I do not want anything except for you to be “Happy”. Whatever, that means to you thats what I want for my birthday. It shocked me because who knew that was what he was thinking about.

It means alot to think of others, be loving & kind to yourself & to others. Remembering Love comes to us for us to share it. Never give up on loving no mattet what the circumstance. Seeds are for growing and what greater giftbis there than Love.

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