By Adira Royal

However, it is not about everyone else or about me. Honestly, this truth is for those who feel they are alone in their uniqueness. Alone in this dark place of indecision and unfamiliar happenstance. No, you are not alone, that very thing you struggle to fight, hide, to shield from the world someone is there in it with you or been through that and more or on their way.

Opening of the mind knowing this is where it all takes place the “intuitive thought”. Today is a day of “Transparency” or in other word see through truth like saran wrap. At 1st I was a bit apprehensive because there are times when I want to say this to others ” You Can’t Handle the Truth”. We all know that when a person faces themself it provides room to retreat, grow, be a blesser or not.

Microspic Truth

Being a better, me requires observation of my life accepting also seeing the truth without excuses. Not fantasy, something I created on my own, not even a scene from a movie. The worst part is facing the things that may be tough to look at about your self. Other things could be uncomfortable too an example would be loving music but you hate it because it is associated with a fearful place in your past.

Intuition should Scream Sometimes

Intuition is our Help

Tim Han made a statement in online training. He said, “Poor means, Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”. It was like a huge ” Slap in the face. He also said,”FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. ” Who gives the power to Fear? So it sounds like I used my fear in the wrong way. Imagine allowing fear to petrifiy you into giving up on your dreams. The key is recognizing the behaviors associated with it. Fear is fuel to push you onto your path. Yes, this has been a place I lived for a long time because I had adopted a lot of distorted belief systems.

Channel your Voice

Remember in the beginning I said, today is a day of ” Transparency ” . I have been in a lot of relationships some were good and others were memorable. However, each it seemed new at the beginning then after the newness wears off. My intuition would warn me. Deep within me a voice would whisper they have a girlfriend or he married. Honestly, there were times I bypassed the message trying to see what the person was really like. My inner voice told me one time do not go to his house after it said he is seeing someone else many times. I went to his house and a woman was in the bedroom. My internal thermometer went from 50 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius. It could have escalated into something real bad. However, I messed the inside of his car up and took some items before driving away.

Seeking guidance listen to that innermost helpful voice would have helped me avoid pain. Take time to evaluate past, present and future actions. Try to stay open minded, listen to the facts if they cheated on girls in the past or his wife and he tells you with whom he cheated. Some people are not compatible. Pay attention to the details, Listen to how they speaks to you in the beginning, observe body language and listen to the words.

Stay safe and Preserve You

After scenes like this you grow tired with each heart break. Some I contributed to to because I didn’t let go right away. The lessons is a blessing avoiding jail, public humiliation, prolonged pain is the best. Being honest with myself about getting therspy, or meditation. It took blocking the persons number and refusing to answer their calls. Since that time listening to my inside voice is a practice. If I would have listened to Oprah, Bishop T.D Jakes, Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen or relationship guru Stephan Laboissiere I could have avoided some unnecessary pain. However, I would have missed a tough lesrning experience money could not buy. This is friendship, family and professional endeavors as well. It is a skill to focus on hearing your inner voice.

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