Blessing in the Lesson

By Adira Royal

Shining is the sun through our lives that introduces darkness to envokes our appreciation for soothing heat, grassy green growth and stimulating nutrients of each situation we seemingly enjoy.

Like the time when we enjoyed Pop stars like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, excellent actress Cecily Tyson and Sidney Potier. They transitioned into the night after their sun went down. Without our permission, without our readiness. This is somewhat how I prepare my mind there is a sunrise and a sunset. Even in this what was the lesson?

Could it be to never get comfortable in any situation, be prepared to rise in all areas of your life. Challenges great and small, new dates, enriched learning experiences, or spiritually defining moments. Reading about moments in someones life can help to prepare you for things come. Although, it has been said experience is a good teacher. There is part of me that agrees that it is true some lessons cannot be duplicated. However, in the moments you need some answers and it is provided for you through the mouth of someone else which causes you to avoid making a similar mistake. That is worth a thousand thank you or I am so grateful……

What is a blessing exactly? Blessing by definition is a prayer asking for God’s favor and protection. It has been said, multiple times nothing causes you to pray more than adversity, trouble, sickness, obstacles and tough challenges. While embracing this journey with all its twist and turns. Quality is being added, faith and to your faith patience.

One thing I am reminded of is mistakes in my life were not seen as gifts. It was seen as sin or faulty or damaged and I had to fix it or I needed to be fixed. Being better requires failure, this means you are not broken just developing into and it hurts sometimes to heal. Treatment never just requires all the goodies we love & like there are bitter herbs in there too. I am in no way a chef but it always blew my mind how they can take not so tasty veggie or food mix it with other herbs and bring out a tasty entrée.

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