Appreciate every Moment of the Journey

By Adira Royal

Time is precious it comes in like slowly and disappears quick without notice.

February is a month of acknowledging, celebrating the timeless matriarch and patriarch of Black History. Those past, and present who have left rich, rewarding legacy and inheritance for us. Seedlings after them birth more seeds. No color, status or educational restriction babies of all colors. Educators, Innovators:entrepreneurs, politicians: architects; pastors; missionaries; engineers; chemist; astrologist; archeologists; music artist; authors, actors; artist; food & beverage connoisseurs and so much more.

We are the world past, present and today. Finite in humanity but infinite in spirit we never die. The flesh perish our inner man is renewed daily. As we age like fine wine quality introduces the value of a life well lit. Though, placed in intense heat of adversity, hurt, pressure, loss, exposed to goodness and kindness, graceful with an aroma of lavender with chamomile. Seasoning life with flavor amd flare.

Our ancestor look on in expectation to see the upcoming ” Masterpiece”. What will we do with the arsenal of tools, strategies, blueprints, history, hardwork, love and wisdom left to us. What causes do we volunteer for, what causes to we join to advocate for a Movement? How can we be a light in someones life? Shine a light in a dark place for them and heal ourselves and others in the process? You are Amazing, you are Special, you are beautiful; fearfully and wonderfully made. Royalty, some know it and walk in it others are emerging on a slow procesa to success in their own way.

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