Prayer that we all be Blessed in Deed

By Adira Royal

O that thou wouldest bless us indeed and enlarge our coast: that thou wouldest keep thy hand upon us: and keep us from evil that it may not grieve us. 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.

Oh heavenly father who rules, reigns in heaven and in the earth. Thank you, for a New Year and a new opportunity to show love, give and be a blessing to someone. You are all knowing, a light that can never be hid. This light you shine reveals the good pleasure of your will. When we are hurting it sends healing throughout areas of our lives. Father some of us have been put under the bus but its you who made the bus. Times they were falsely accused, wounded, hurt, and financially starving, Desparate for love, ostracized, overwhelmed with calamity, or adversity has skewed our vision. In your love, compassion you show us a warm place of comfort, make provision, open doors to employment and under appreciated as well as under utilized.

You have been the true lover of our lives: the protection in uncertain situations. Lord, the Pandemic was you at work as with the spiritual transition is you at work. Aside from the past pains today thank you for helping those of us that meet with you know trials come to maKe us strong. God you have brought us through a tough time for your glory. How can we please you? What would you like me to do and how can I show you presence is real?

Thank you for hearing the sincere and sometimes desparate cries from our hearts. Lord, in a time that lives are being snatched away, babies are be taken at night for the lust that consume others. When we fail you are the quicker picker listen, when we hurt you heal, when we are lost you come get us, and when we are not listening you respond with the abundance of love & wisdom.

Our world keeps changing but Oh God of heaven, earth, the beginning and the ending show us the way. As you did in the times of Moses and Pharoah deliver us. King of Kings and Lord of Lords your word is powerful and it changes lives, communities. Not just the spoken word the living word read of all men.


God you are the greatest gift to the world. Seeking you face, knowing yiu will and hsve answered. Thank you businesses bless successfully, errect advocates, answer prayers, and providing ways. Lord when we think we are alone you always reassure us that you were with us in the beginning and will be until the end. Unadulterated word prophesy to the upcoming attraction.. Thank you for your grace & mercy. You do everything well.

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