Facing the Fears

By Adira Royal

Transparency dictates digginh deep not into places that may be supressed. Things that may have been what you used to love. A good example would be hobbies hiking, bike riding, writing, journaling, swimming, outings, volunteering, conversation with a best friend, baking etc. What changed in life?

The Root

Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”he is prey to irrational fears”

Reading the definition reveals that alot of the fear of what others think, once a bad thing happens it will always be the same outcome. Or when a bad decision is made more bad decisions will follow. This can be an endless cycle of repetitive behavior or becomes a way of dealing with what you will not face. The reactions may vary from avoidance to self sabotage or substituting one thing for another. At times hiding if it is a person you do not want to face, overreacting, neglect or dismissal.

A part of improvement is to know what you fear? why you fear it? Where did the fear begin? How did this fear become what it has become? Understanding that this type of fear it is not reverential respect. Knowing that it is okay to have fears but fear cannot have me.

Years there has been a fear that plagued me. However, there is a breaking point that takes place in the depths of your soul. An example at age 10 a young girl almost drowns in local pool. As a result the little girl never swims ever again. The thought of losing control, not being able to help herself. Perhaps the underlying issue is not believing that she will be okay.

Acknowledging the feeling of fear and doing it anyway. The ” doing it anyway” is where the rubber meets the road. Getting to the point to face the fear is Great! But doing what has scared you is a new level. What’s amazing is that there are those individuals who fear something and use it as amunition to push past the fear of not accomplishing.

During this awesome journey I have learned that facing the fear is worth exploring. Blogging has been an aspiration for a while. There was a fear of not succeeding, or doing it wrong. The great part is the world truly is our playground. One day I decided just to do it. The response I got has been amazing to me.

Live on Purpose

On purpose for purpose being intentional during this process of facing what scares you. As a woman I know that everything that happens is for a reason and we are to seek treasures or nuggets in them to get the blessing. Today I was telling my grandson that dreams we have are not always as they appear. Our dreams spwak volumes they can be calming, scary, seem terrifying. Contingent upon what we feel, think and are facing in life. Nevertheless, when we examine what each dream mean it can bring clarity that forces us to move ahead.

We are in the earth for a specific reason. Knowing this is an elixir to ignite a fire under you to seek out your “WHY”.. That passion begins to emerge again the pathway of your mind starts emptying out the old and seeking new ground. Now the dreams are becoming clearer. You may not know the entire story right away. However, the light is shining. Undeniable messages from areas you never ventured into..

There is precious treasure in earthen vessel. Deep within, although there are times we have to dig it up there is buried treasure, dreams, ideas, and more increase. It has to get dug up.

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