By Adira Royal


June 1st 2021 began the start of a new Frontier the “Journey” to work on myself. I starting with spiritualality because after being in one religion most of my life. I had an identity as a church lady. It was a desire to explore, learn, about who I am why do I believe what I believe and compare and contrast. It actually was an adventure, however, Covid-19 placed things on pause to degree. Attending some local assemblies such as “Vertical Church, Engathering, Trinity Temple, Varick, Union Temple Baptist church and Buelah Heights church. The experiences were definitely different and rewarding. However, the trigger lieth within me the spiritual core beliefs.


Although this part of the journey is one that is ongoing it has been insightful. The next area chosen for trial is physical fitness. WHAT A WORLD…It was the toughest part of the journey. My weight gain in my early 30″s was rapid because of 6 nodules on my thyroid gland. Since throidectomy surgery it seemed impossible to lose weight. I had to talk to myself and encourage myself. Although, winter has brought me inside hence slowing me down, other obstacles interfered but I still take it one day at a time. One meal at a time and healthy snacks in between. Okay sometimes…..I did see the improvement but when you fall you have to get back up again. That Coffee Cake muffin is still calling me, next to a Vanilla Chai and apple pie. I sais ” NO” on Monday, No on Tuesday. Relentlessly, it sang my name… Wednesday was a fast day and Friday so I did not even look in the kitchen. By Saturday I couldn’t take it; I fell hard and the 2 boxes of Boston Baked beans. So it is important to understand you may need to phone a friend for support. Maybe that is not your struggle.

I know, I should just say no to the decadence but it calls my name… I hear it now Rachel…….Rachel…..I should run but it smells delicious. Okay, Okay, what I tell myself is ” I am what I eat”. Whatever, I consume becomes a part of me, good or bad it shows up and shows out; in my weight, in my joints, blood, sleep pattern or even my attitude. When eating healthy, I feel energy, lighter, eating unhealthy I get lethargic, anxious, and unproductive.


Integration of financial freedom is a must this year. Regardless to whether the need is debt elimination, saving, selling belongings, budgeting, balancing and or investing. This is a major issue in my life. Never taught the value of money or having pristine credit. Its is never too late to learn. This determines alot in life, what car you drive, the loan you get, the college you attend, the career you get and where you work, and how much you get paid. It also aides in stress relief when financial heslth is a practice.


Mental, emotional and psychological health really stood oud for me. Mainly because the history of trauma, how it effected my relationships with family, friends, romantic acquaintances. It shaped a world for me that caused me not to commit or allow some individuals to get close to me. As I started to do a study for Post Traumatic Stress disorder….. Ummmmm…..all I can say is ” Hated IT”. The medicine made me sleepy all day, with having a remote job, yawning all day on the phone is not acceptable. Then I almost passed out, literally. What really threw me over the cliff is the medicine I may have been taking had a side effect of irreversible seizures. Ummmmm, yeah ” No” so I stopped right away. I did like talking to the clinician each week but it was a bit repetitive. There are so many other ways to get the help you need and benefit others as well. That adventure was simply different. Everyday meditation is a priority, sitting in quiet without technology in my hand ir in my face. Practicing being present and prayerful in mind. Being a part of healthy community, hobbies, and helping those in need contribute to all these areas. There is wonderful feeling that engulfs you when you help someone.


Okay, this os transparency right here. Hot off the presses…..this past year I have went places, met people, had conversations, that normally I would not have had if not for this journey. It opened me up in ways nothing else could, people from different countries, status, cultures, and backgrounds. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their company, conversation and stories. Going to Baltimore Maryland was an adventure for a pancreatic cancer concert. Then staying over night was pure fun. People are what you believe. Tony Robbins said if you believe people are good then they will be to you. This 100% true what ever you believe becomes your truth. Looking forward to new adventures and relationships this year. The worst is over the best is yet to come……I AM IN LOVE WITH LOVE AND TRANSFORMATION!!!

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