By Adira Royal

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The song Clean UP Woman written and sung by Betty Wright in 1971.

A clean up woman is the woman who Gets all the love we girls leave behind The reason I know so much about her is because sh picked up a man of mine……

That is not the focus today, although it is a awesome place for discussion. Today is not the day for that discussion as I am smiling from ear to ear.

This shout out is to all the woman that take good care of their personal hygiene. While they stay stylish. It is a must for them to go to the doctors i.e gynecologist,obstetrician, primary care physician, optometrist, specialist, psychologist and therapist to take mental health breaks. In the midst of it all you balance this life to your best ability and multitask to care for family and others. Way To Go! The World Salutes you….

This is my definition of clean up woman. Most clesn up conisseurs have specific tasks they complete when professionally cleaning a home or business. These woman own their business, clean as a profession, while keeping their homes running. It is difficult to be a good clean up woman especially when you juggle so many task.

Cleaning up is refreshing, listening to someone talk about their mess and asking for your assistance. It can put a smile on your face. Purposeful clean up woman go above and beyond without forgetting themselves or others Spirtually, physically, mentally, and socially. The connection to others is imperative to them.

She is not only clean in appearance she has a Sassy yet graceful persona. She gives respect and receives respect but there are times she lets her guard down. Yes, that man or child gets to see the vulnerable, tickled pink, affectionate side that others may not see ” Clean Up Woman” lend a helping hand and are not afraid to say ” No”.

This woman navigates through life with the mind to reach her ” WHY”.. YESSSSSS, She may be martied, single, divorced, a single mother, in transition, a business woman, a educated woman, a hardworking women and she shines. This clean up woman is so engaged in other things someone elses man is not on her mind. It is for the Greater Good…. Perhaps someone will create a poem or song for these women….

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