Isolation can lead to Transformation

By Adira Royal

Transformation by the renewing of mind. Dark spaces can be really scary. As humanity has developed, reformed and adapted to life throughout history. In the most catastrophic of times out of the depths of despair rises new.

Great Minds that are amazingly productive in quarantine. During the bubonic plague William Shakespeare produced some of his greatest work during a pandemic. Here are some others that thrived in isolation. Isaac Newton during the time of the bubonic plague is responsible for creating what we now know as Calculus. Thomas Nash established his written work through plays. Edward Munch during the Spanish flu created some of his best Artwork of his time. Giovanni Bucaccio completed a collection of novels.

These are a few examples among many that in isolation used it as a time to create and transform into something beautiful. Isolation by definition denotes separation, quarantine, insulation, seclusion, closeting, protection, shielding, partitioning and remoteness. Some during the pandemic used it as a time to create new meals, new ideas, pray, get some direction, examine motivation to establish a dream nevertheless. It can be a time of production, healing, meditation and growth or a time of sadness, depression, grief and pain. A lot of people have left the earth physically but those of us who remain have work to do.

What is this work? It is the true meaning for your existence that will bring peace, happiness and joy into someone’s life. Recently, I was speaking with an associate.  I began cleaning my archive bag where I keep all of my old documents. I came across some memories of a painful past. Immediately I sent them a photo of the memory they became interested in as to why I was pulling out old situations. I said this is it. This is the next book about what happens when bad things overtake you more than once. What matters is that someone knows that they are not alone; situations can bring isolation, sickness, failure, pain, transition, major life events, and more. However, although going through at times cast different points of view into my path. Understanding that there is a greater good for a specific reason for this season enables a spirit of calm in the situation.

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