By Adira Royal

Day you day hustle, the Grind to make your dreams come true. Examinining the past mistakes to avoid repeating them while holding onto the Liberty you obtain today. This week I will reveal my slow dance with “Isolation”. How he revealed my innermost issues while opening me up to healing.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment when I was in the womb. Before the sack of fluid. I was with other perspective brothers and sisters. A conundrum of cells, plasma and nutrients moving toward our destination. All of sudden nature takes its course, as I move toward pollination, ok fertiization. All of a sudden I go from being in a group to a selective journey. Unaware of my 1st interaction to build a relationship with Isolation.

A dark place of growing, development as the course is determined by the master maker. Nine long months in my moms belly although I am alone in a dark place I am not totally alone. Sort of like spiritually we are on the earth sometimes alone physically but never alone spiritually. Its amazing how a quiet place is a haven of protection but also a lonely house of your own. Personality, physical, social skills, and psychological features are constrcted.

Now fast forward into childhood you if you have reliable, responsible parents that are concerned about you. You will never be alone because family, baby sitter, or some friend of grandma will be there to ensure you are protected, loved and cared for at all times

Isolation is usually a term used to separate, segregate, take a time out or even vacate for the use of, quarantine to protect the individual or others. Isolation for some is to heal, regroup, stop one thing before beginning another. I like to think of butterlies process of changing from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly 🦋. The incubation period is a form if quarantine ir isolation.

Perhaps a better representation is Jesus when he was in the wilderness, or when he separated himself from the disciples to pray. There are other examples of men and women who were in fact isolated for spiritual reasons, medical reasons, mental health, betrayal, or just plan running. Joseph, Elijah, Daniel, Jonah, the women with the issue of blood, and Moses.

It is a proven sciencetific fact that when you have certain forms of illness you may be quarantined for testing, blood work, rest, and observation. In fact it is healthy to take time off or what we call vacation or staycation. Time to retreat, identify cause & effect. There are times we forget our dreams, purpose and morph into a place or person we were not designed to be. When have you isolated yourself if eve? What was the reason and what was the end result?


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