By Adira Royal

The leaves have almost totally fallen from the tree by January 1st. The briskness of winters effects is being felt worldwide. The delicate withered twigs fallen from the trees are covered with ice and snow. Truth is life is a lot like the seasons, birthday rolls in on the way to the next season. Traveling this journey has released amazing truth, as well as appreciation for all that surrounds us.

Moving toward a new season brings an awareness that death is necessary to induce life. If my old habit did not take a backseat, I could not embrace the part of me that receded years ago. If those businesses did not fail, I would have never found a free of cost solution to my failure. It is encouraging to know that you are in a growth process but there has to be dying of somethings for new beauty, tenacity, hunger, or a burning desire of what should emerge.

Photo by Irina Zhur on Pexels.com

Think of a time when something you dreamed did not work. How about a time when something or someone died what happened to you as a result? How did you use this situation in a positive way?

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