Totally Grateful

By Adira Royal

Learning never to discount experiences where there are nuggets. Along with the lesson there are deep truths. As each day passes it is a fact all yield to something. Some let go to love; others their profession, many to family and friends. Yielding to gods or God. Plants, drugs, a cause, a stance or a belief we Stand for something and yield.


(of a substance or object) giving way under pressure; not hard or rigid.”she dropped on to the yielding cushions” a product or generating a financial return of a specified amount.(Dictionary).

Is it a decision or a destiny? Are there people who yield to nothing? If I choose to be single but want companionship? Giving my heart to a cause but not serving in a particularlly huge capacity. Investing time, energy, resources in particular ways.

A sense of Gratefulness, for life, all that are a part and those who passed through. Thank you for the gift. Miracles come in various capacities. The greatest gift is a “Purpose Driven Life.” Transforming includes check ups, critics, renovation, donations and even change of geographical location.

Forget Fear

This yielding can reap benefits in time. No matter how good or bad life may seem. Perspective matters. Reverential respect is different from fear of something or someone. Fear cannot be the driving force or determining factor of what is done. It is almost as if aomething from the depths of your soul compels you.


Grab on and don’t let go. My thoughts today are Learn from and about those who are around you. Know that all of who you are will come to fruition in time. Stay in faith, in peace, and be confident that all is well. Even if it is not alright better days come.

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