The Process of the JOURNEY

By Adira Royal

The New Year is here! I purposely did not make any New Year’s Resolutions, but I did set some Goals. No New Year New Me… “Transformation is my Goal but that is a metamorphosis of who I was becoming who I truly “AM”. When we say, “New” to me that signifies a replacement or birth of something. If it is New can the old still exist? My history becomes an Intricate part of the designer original: as ugly, sticky and sometimes as Scandalous as the past may be. There definitely will be a Better Me.

There is a Book written by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Bruce Perry. I believe anyone in the world no matter what culture, ethnicity, or geographical location they are from can comprehend or perhaps relate to the contents of this book. Although, difficult for me to read without looking at my family, spiritual, community, mental, emotional and psychological health. It caused me to question who I really had become as a result of my own trauma. In an amazing way, I began to retrace my history, childhood, church, and school experiences. In order to identify where you are you must get to the root of where the problem begins. The only way I could describe it is “Awakening”. Something broke and awakened inside me.

Perhaps part of me is reaching to break out of the shackle of hurt or Victim thoughts that may have plagued me in my past but have hurt relationships, connectivity and productivity in my future.

The sunlight of healing power is what I reach for. God is Love, Light and salvation of the world. We are his people who are little lights that shine in dark places. Umm but honestly, for a long time I believed God gave me a bad batch of Relaxer…You know when your hair doesn’t look like the girl on the box.

Nevertheless, this book definitely is for me a turnaround about trauma. The stories given from one level of severity to another. Exemplifies how one shoe does not fit all, clinically, therapeutically, socially and even academically all the support that was needed for the whole person showed up. Some from the cradle, from prison, the hospital, the school and even at home. Purposeful reading, when it addresses forgiveness, embracing the trauma, and healing from that place.

I quoted, Lady Oprah Winfrey’s’ statement, “No matter what happened you get a chance to rewrite the script” {pg. 283}

Rewriting the script. I will never forget my Trauma; I can forgive it and forgive myself. Forgive myself for staying captive to the thought of what terrorized me, discrimination, rape, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, bad marriage, divorce, bad relationships, car accident, and death, etc. Forgive the fact that it was not my fault and no matter what happened I am okay and will be okay. It all came to help me. There is something to be said for a book you read that makes you question if you truly forgive or truly healed. Learning, that it truly does take a village, network, supportive people and events to help you on the road to recovering ” YOU”. I was always right here I just did not know it because of all the other stuff. I Love you and I am Glad you are Back.

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