Diamond in the Wreck High Value

By Adira Royal

There was a song that said Diamonds are a girls best friend. How many women can relate to the story of a diamond that is rare found in unforseen circumstances, with a unfavorable look but was chosen with flaws, to right wrongs. She may have given a speech, lead a group or helped someone. Perhaps your creative ability precede you or you have a melodious voice. Perhaps you are no non sense standard, a unrelenting business sense. Whatever your rare beauty, ability or superpower is know that I am talking about you.


These beautiful gems come in all shapes, sizes, values and shades of color. One more stunning than another, style, and value appreciates by rarety. A women facial features, bone structure, contours, dynamic of finger tips, toes, and hair. Hues of skin color, bust size, hips, butt size, length of legs, and intelligence, creative ability and style.

Yes, indeed esfice of magnificent proportion. However, diamonds are a dime a dozen today according to studies they can engineer them now in labs. Diamonds are no longer used for jewelry, detail alone now they are used in technology. Machinery and cutting tools. Only the rare diamonds are of high value.

This brings me to this question what brings value to a you ladies? How do you cultivate what is of value in your life? Now living in a world where everyone dresses alike, looks similar, the desire to be a carbon copy is unbelievable? How do you stand out in your own way? What about you sets you in a class all by yourself. Virginity, agility, determination, creativity, discipline, education, beauty, intelligence, or religiosity, culture, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs and lifestyle choice?

In the time that we spend on earth have our choices been made according to our value? Or based on others perspectives and beliefs? More than sex, looks, luster or the land of make believe. Something deeper that eminates from the inside and shows up on the ourside. It brings a soul harvest that others can eat from or tallk about. Like a light that never goes out, Maybe the light of the holy spirit, the light of our lives, the “Chi” or the ” Spiritual Enlightment.”

No matter where you come from, where you have been or what you have been through. You are a source of light. Your light shines in so many ways. Out of the ashes of despair you shine, in the lives of others you shine. Why not value you enough to shine for you..

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