Quiet Is Impactful

By Adira Royal

December 16th 2021 this means in nine more days it will be Christmas. Seven days after that it will be a New Year. Today represents a lot of things to a lot of people. You may never meet them behind their doors of business, financial obligations or preparations for new designs. Maybe you are engrossed in putting up decorations with the family. In some cases if you are putting your Christmas decor up now you are late.

On the other hand you are out in the community, working, driving, meet, greeting, speaking or instructing. Volunteering at various capacities to spread Holiday Cheer.

While educational institutions are preparing for the much needed winter break. No matter where you are, who you are there is a longing for calm, desolation, solitude that deepens the meaning of the day, your life and season. If you listen there are moments things get quiet, these crystal clear splinter of time bring enlightenment, even thought provoking revelation. This source of quiet increases relaxation, envokes a refreshing period that seems to last a short term.

When we are constantly exposed to noise, from everywehere, news, society, friends, family, needing our attention. Social media, work and more speak louder and louder about what we must do or what we missed. You develop an appreciation of serenity, sounds of calm and solemnity.

Solemn Serenity

Quiet signifies calm, at peace, to be sllent, or making no sound.

In the moment in which I breathe I thought about Christmas song, ” All I Want for Christmas is my two Front Teeth by Nat King Cole. Listen..

Nat King Cole – All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth (Capitol Records 1949) / ChristmasTimeTV

In my quiet I ask were they referring to children who lost their teeth, or adults that could not afford dentures? Where did they get this song? This was funny to me as I wondered why would your missing front teeth effect you saying ” Merry Christmas” I started singing the song. It grows on you I guess….

During more monumental inspiring quier you may remember last year around holiday time. Who was around, what did you do differently and what is more important to you this year? This year is a time to embrace the “Quiet” listen stop long enough to respect its presence. Then observe the gifts you will receive as a result.

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