Born to Win

One of the messages that I received from life is be while becoming. Stand in the confidence that who you truly are wil bring you into position.

This month is a celebration of life for me. Yes a beautiful nubian Black baby girl grace the earth with her presence. ❤️ on December 10th. How many men and women were born this same day, that same time? The fact that we allade it into the world with breath says we are here on purpose.

Now regardless to what circumstances, obstacles, enormous life lessons we may aquire. Torrential down pour of feelings, beliefs, family legacy, or lack thereof. We must build muscle through the experinces and struggle of life. “We are destined to Win.” It is in our DNA it easy to look at surroundings, status, things that go on, things that come and say, nahhhh. How many opportunities that were in your grasp only to see them slip away. Nevertheless, I encourage all of us to accept full responsibility for where we are today. What is happening? Begin to identify gifts, skills, solutions and open doors right in front of you.

Today December 5th 2021, brgin by proclaiming “I accept that I was born to win.” As a complete, creative, loving, spiritual, healthy, strong, capable, courageous, intelligent, growing, innovative, and a valuable individual. Tough times are building you, to transform you it is a real metamorphosis. During this time a vigorous sometimes disappointing, daunting, twisting process occurs almost as if you are lost.

Take courage dear heart, know that you are not lost, there is help, you are exactly where you should be during incubation. Just before the next moment of emerging. Life has just begun when you recognize I am not there yet. I Love books and movies because of they way they depict how humanity move, grow and shift through life.

One of the best movies 🎬 I can recall is “Field of Dreams”. There are various texture a amalgamation of levels, exercises, practice, mentoring moments and adversity expressed during the film. The mindset of men and women was unsteady to a degree when something greater than them enters their thoughts. It doesn’t seem humanely possible to bring this dream to fruition. However, they never allow anything to stop them from believing it was possible. Many threats to lose their farm, neighbors ridicule, public humiliation because it was abnormal for anyone to build a huge baseball field in the middle of their cornfield. Deep down you have to believe it will happen. The direction the semetry, spirit of the day may not seem to align but ” Faith” says it will its in circulation.

Imagine what would manifest if we eliminate worry and replace it with agreement. Homes have blueprints, different components require different skills, different assessments and approval. I challenge you to set today to say” I Accept and Align myself with the path to Abundance and Purpose.” Defy the odds the path may be clear or maybe not but Go for It…You inly lose when you decide to stay on the sideline…. Take baby steps but know you were born to Be Better, Greater and to Share it…

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