Time for Prayer

Dear God thank you for all that you have done. Thank you for all that is in the world, all that you have given tangible or not. Thank you for life, humanity, all that makes up the elements, along with visability of that which is appealing to our sense of smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing. Thank you for marriages, homes, orphans, children with or without.

Today acknowledging the cruelty of the world the desolation of all that is good within. It’s hard to dismiss. I pray that each person find healing, comfort and things to be grateful for everyday. God allow healing in mind, body, soul and spirit to consume all that does not represent love in our lives. Embrace the wounded, abused, distraught, those who have been mistreated and allow your healing balm to penetrate the heart. Allow all of our leaders, in presidential seats, government, municipal offices, religious, and political leaders and the world to see your goodness. Encourage those who are homeless, helpless, grieving because of loss, struggling against addictions, mental health, and lack of love. God you are strength when we are weak, the vindicator when we are in trouble, our interceder who mends every broken heart. You are awesome in all your ways, our greatest defender, against all that comes against us.

Knowing this God I pray that in all our getting, education, success, victories, fonancial hain, promotion help us to get an understanding. Although we are unsure of what life will bring we can trust you to fix the problem. It is you who gives us the ability to triumph, show us the way we should go. God help us to seek you not for wants alone but your divine will and purpose for our lives. You said in all our ways that if we acknowledge you, that you will direct our path.

Even when it hurts to hear about the murders, slaughter,mass shootings, death, scams, fighting, unnecessary wars, medical report, family betrayal, professional demise and all that divides nations causing people to lose hope. Suicide rates, drug overdoses, and more. One thing remains constant your love and concern for us. Yes, there is an increase while other countries are hungry, starving for the freedom to be single, independent, to worship you. In the land of the free we squander it, abuse your grace as we hurt those who love. Forgive us our debts and trespasses, help our hearts and heal our land. You our our point of light, bread that sustains us the water that quench our thirst.

God hear our cries and attend unto our prayers in your matchless name 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 Amen.

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