Beauty at it’s Best

By Adira Royal

There is a sense of precious peace, happiness, joy, and togetherness when looking at this kind of expression of the holiday. This house is a home with personality.

Crisp cold breeze that you feel when eating a candy cane. The first snow flake that falls. Family uniting, games, deciding what gift to buy, create or design.

All that I could think of is the end of the pandemic, hope, family, creating moments that will last a lifetime. All around us is beautiful things, and memorable moments. Pretzel. Roasting chestnuts, pine trees, candy canes, mufflers, scarves, mittens and vivid Christmas colors.

Suddenly it is clear rediscover the beauty venture beyond your borders and know there’s more in you, outside of you than what is seen. Suddenly, my appreciation for everything I have becomes more meaningful. Looking beyond where you are embracing all you as you inhale then exhale. Grateful for Life. Love and Abundance.

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